El Dorado Mexican Restaurant
eldoradoomaha@gmail.com | 5134 S 24th St,, Omaha NE 68107

Authentic Mexican and Seafood Dishes in Omaha, NE

Camarones Ranchero - Authentic Mexican in Omaha NE
Fajitas - Authentic Mexican in Omaha NE
Quesadilla - Authentic Mexican in Omaha NE
El Dorado Mexican Restaurant offers an array of authentic Mexican seafood dishes. We're open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Our ethnic food is made from scratch with fresh ingredients and includes enchiladas, carne asada, cocktails and seafood soups. Our restaurant focuses on offering healthy, authentic food and a comfortable environment for you and your family or friends. Beverages we offer include a variety aguas frescas and natural fruit juices.
Craving something sweet? Our menu also offers a variety of delectable Mexican desserts including flan and fresas con crema.